Cast Iron Fry Pan

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Cast Iron Cookware are one of the best way of reducing Cooking Oil consumption. Cast iron is naturally non-stick, hence consumption of cooking oil is very less, also Cast Iron adds Iron (Fe+) to the food. With health benefits Cast-Iron cookwares also increase the taste of the food, as it keep alive originality of the food. Here in Gemma Cookware, we are completely on quality Cast-Iron cookware manufacturing. We are in cast iron production from two decades and Proudly Made In India. We believe in giving Better Quality for Cooking to everyone, which Change Your Style for cooking and eating, in a natural way.
Proudly Indian
😋 Enhances taste
🌿 Naturally Non-stick
💪 Adds Iron (Fe+) to Food
✅ Chemical Free

Buy premier cast iron fry pan in India from Gemma. Made with quality raw materials, our fry pans help you cook your food with ease and perfection, while maintaining its health benefits.

Cast iron fry pan

Length Width Height Weight
41.5 cm 24.5cm 5 cm 2.25 kg