Cast Iron cookware has a naturally nonstick finish. So, You can cook in very very less Oil


What Makes Us Reliable

ISO 9001 Certified . High Quality material prevents leaching while Cooking . Long Lasting Cookware . Toxic-Free Cookware that preserves Natural Food Nutrients

Try- Ply Cookware

Sticks Less. More Efficient than Normal Stainless Steel

'What is triply cookware?

Triply cookware is made of three-ply material which is basically three layers sandwiched together. Most often this is an inner layer of stainless steel, middle layer of aluminum and an outer layer of stainless steel. But metals like copper are also used in place of aluminum. 

Sticks Less. More Efficient than Normal Stainless Steel

In short, here are the benefits of cooking in stainless steel triply cookware:

1. Easy to Clean - burns less, stains come off easily.

2. Efficient Fuel Consumption - Cooks evenly and with less oil and fuel consumption

3. Even Heat Distribution- Triply enables heat to spread evenly.  

4. Easy to Maintain - Stainless Steel triply is long lasting and easy to store 

5. Durable - A hardworking friend in the kitchen!

6. Non-Reactive - Leach Proof, 0% Aluminum Contact 

7. Value for Money - An heirloom that can be passed down generations

8. Safe - Tested for quality & made with international quality standards

From the people
From the people
Been using this for close to two months now . This is not a non stick pan, and hence you must spend some time seasoning it . Once seasoned properly, the tawa works like magic . One might need to readjust the pan every few minutes to ensure uniform health distribution .
— Kiran G.
From the people
Makes delicious crispy dosas. Healthy alternative to the non stick cookware. Seasoning is required in every use but the outcome is as expected. Product came with proper cleaning and usage instructions and recepies.
— Gaurav
From the people
I was planning to have a cast iron since a long time but didn't have it thinking about the maintenance,but believe me it's quite easy to maintain this one..The other benefits we all know of cast iron utensils.Been using it since a month now.
— Megha

Use and Care for Cast Iron

1. You can wash the GEMMA cast-iron pre-seasoned kadhai and start using it immediately.
2. Wash under water with a soft sponge.
3. Once it is clean, dry the kadhai completely before storing it. This will prevent rusting of iron.

How to Season Cast Iron

1. GEMMA cast-iron is pre-seasoned. But if you need to season it again with time, then first wash it in warm water, heat the kadhai on medium flame for 2 – 3 mins.
2. Then apply cooking oil & leave it for 6 – 8 hours.
3. Heat again for 5 mins on medium flame and then store it in a dry place.

Health Benefits of Cast Iron

GEMMA Cast Iron kadhai is pre- seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. This allows the iron to be in direct contact with your food, giving you healthy dose of essential Iron ions every day! After using, just wipe with a little oil to keep them rust-free.